Official Bi-Laws have been established for Chautauqua County FootSteps Team and Candidate selection. Please review the following criteria and remember that all applications must be submitted prior to the weekend's deadline for full consideration. 


Chautauqua County FootSteps (CCFS) will hold two weekend retreats per calendar year; one to be held in the spring, one in the fall. Dates will be determined by Spiritual Directors, Lay Leader, school calendar conflicts, and location of retreat.

The CCFS Steering Committee will be responsible for team selection. All applications for team will have a deadline approximately 8 weeks prior to the retreat weekend. First come-first serve does not apply.

Considerations for team selection include:

1. Spiritual maturity 

2. Leadership ability 

3. Service outside of Footsteps 

4. Active involvement in church 

5. Personal conduct 

6. Actively sponsoring candidates 

7. Number of times served on team 

8. Male/female ratio 

9. Grade level ratio 

10. Variety of schools/churches represented 

The Steering Committee will not consider individuals who are interested in just having fun on CCFS team, but individuals who come to the weekend with a servant heart – individuals who are actively involved in service to the Lord outside of the Footsteps experience. 

The CCFS Steering Committee will consist of the following individuals: rector, two assistant rectors, head gofer, assistant head gofer, head troubadour, prayer team captain, techie, lay leader, two spiritual directors, team/candidate coordinator, gofer coordinator, prayer team coordinator, kitchen coordinator and technical coordinator. 

Team meetings are considered to be training sessions for servant leadership prior to a Footsteps weekend. All team members are required to attend both team meetings and the weekend in its entirety. Individuals who have never served on prior Footsteps weekends are not permitted to miss any part of the first team meeting, especially gofers and small group leaders. If a team member misses the entire second meeting (also known as the “Lock-in”), he or she cannot serve on the team.  Exceptions will be at the discretion of the Lay Leader. 

The team will consist of a minimum of 26 and a maximum of 36 teens. This is to be divided as follows:


1 rector, 2 assistant rectors 1 rector, 2 assistant rectors

1 head gofer, 1 assistant gofer    1 head gofer, 1 assistant gofer

1 techie 1 techie, 1 assistant

4 small group leaders (SGLs) 6 small group leaders (SGLs)

4 gofers 6 gofers

1 troubador 3 troubadors

3 kitchen team   4 kitchen team

1 prayer team captain     1 prayer team captain

7 prayer team   9 prayer team

    26 TOTAL        36 TOTAL

(March 2007)


Chautauqua County FootSteps will hold two weekend retreats per calendar year; one to be held in the spring, one in the fall. Candidates wishing to participate on a retreat must be sponsored by a Footstepper or Koinonian. They must submit a completed application with suggested donation or scholarship request at or before the designated deadline date.

Candidate acceptance for each retreat will be determined as follows: 

A minimum of 24 and a maximum of 36 candidates. This allows for 6 candidates for each of 4-6 small groups. 

The first 36 applications will receive priority placement. 

If more than 36 teens apply, the overflow will be put on a waiting list for a future retreat. In the event there are cancellations, the team/candidate coordinator has the liberty of offering a senior (12th grader) first choice. Options are closed 2 weeks before the retreat.

Candidates must be willing to attend the retreat in its entirety.