Please engrave the following dates in your calendars. Plan ahead to fill out your team application and find candidates early. Please send applications in early!!! There is no such thing as "too soon!" If we have less than 25 team or 24 candidate applications in by the deadline, we will have to cancel the weekend! On the other hand, if more than 34 team or 36 candidate applications are in, some selection will have to occur. 


Reunion this Sunday May 5 at camp from 2-4. Bring beverage or snack to share. Gym and pool available.

  Future Footsteps Dates:


CCFS #42 Nov. 22-24, 2019

1st Mtg: Oct 27

Lock-in: Nov 8-9


FS #43 March 27-29, 2020

1st Mtg: March 1

Lock-in: March 13-14